General Wax/Resin Base Ribbon T8
General Wax/Resin Base Ribbon T9
High Performance Wax Base Ribbon 1006A
General Wax Base Ribbon 1006B
General Resin Base Ribbon R20
Fax Ribbon
Hot Stamping Foil

Inkstar is a professional manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbon which established in 1992, its predecessor is Inkstar Ink Factory. It officially renamed Inkstar office appliance factory of Tianjin since the successfully production of thermal transfer ribbon at 1997.
Our factory located in Huaming Industrial Park near Binhai airport, covering an area of more than 5000 square meters.

Inkstar has more than 25 years of production experiences and history of thermal transfer ribbon, Aannual production capacity of 450 million square meters.

We are the older domestic qualification, stable quality, large production and sales, high cost performance of the TTR coating factory. Products are exported to Eastern and Western Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions to obtain the recognition of the majority of customers.

Since the factory was established, the factory has always been in the spirit of diligence, down-to-earth work, in line with the business strategy of value-added distributors to provide sufficient profit margins.

Since its establishment, factory has always been in line with the spirit of diligent, practical work, and pursue the business strategy of providing sufficient profit space for value-added dealers.

In 2008, the factory set up a thermal transfer technology research and development center, and constantly launched new and stable products.

In 2015, in order to reach the goal of Green Earth, the factory independently developed solvent-free back coating solution to adapt to various thermal transfer products, and gained good reputation. Professional R & D center enable us to provide professional customized services.

In 2012, a width of 2 meters coating machine with speed of 300 meters/mins coating machine was officially put into production. Efficient and stable equipment can ensure the completion of each order in time.

Nowadays, no solvent wax and premium wax ribbon, halogen-free wax resin and resin ribbon, we make our own contribution to society for a Green earth

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