General Wax/Resin Base Ribbon T8
General Wax/Resin Base Ribbon T9
High Performance Wax Base Ribbon 1006A
General Wax Base Ribbon 1006B
General Resin Base Ribbon R20
Fax Ribbon
Hot Stamping Foil
Performance of ribbon
Nature Wax/Resin
Total Thickness 8.00.3m
Penetration Density At least 1.0(Macbeth Densitometer)
Print Speed Max.8inch/sec
Print Energy At least 13mj/
Print Density At least 1.9(Macbeth Densitometer)
Grade ANSI ABOVE3.5/A(Upright Code)
Recommended Media Substrates Uncoated Paper/Coated Paper/Gloss Paper/Synthetic Paper/PET
Scratch Resistance Image density:Above80%(Uncoated paper)*
Light Resistance Image density:Above80%(Uncoated paper)**
Using Environment 5~35/20~80%RH
Storage Environment 0~40/20~80%RH
The form above is just for reference.

* Attrition Testing Machine 1.96104pa     Times:about 450(Kraft paper)
** Ultraviolet Radiation Machine:720hrs of exposure (equivalent of 1 year's sunshine)

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