General Wax/Resin Base Ribbon T8
General Wax/Resin Base Ribbon T9
High Performance Wax Base Ribbon 1006A
General Wax Base Ribbon 1006B
General Resin Base Ribbon R20
Duplicator Ink
Fax Ribbon
Hot Stamping Foil
Performance of ribbon
Nature Wax/Resin
Total Thickness 10.00.3m
Penetration Density At least 0.9(Macbeth Densitometer)
Print Speed Max.8inch/sec
Print Energy At least 14mj/
Print Density At least 1.9(Macbeth Densitometer)
Grade ANSI ABOVE3.5/A(Upright Code)
Recommended Media Substrates Uncoated Paper/Coated Paper/Gloss Paper/Synthetic Paper/PET
Scratch Resistance Image density:Above90%(Uncoated paper)*
Light Resistance Image density:Above80%(Uncoated paper)**
Using Environment 5~35/20~80%RH
Storage Environment 0~40/20~80%RH
The form above is just for reference.

* Attrition Testing Machine 1.96104pa    Times:about 500(Kraft paper)
** Ultraviolet Radiation Machine:720hrs of exposure (equivalent of 1 year's sunshine)

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