General Wax/Resin Base Ribbon T8
General Wax/Resin Base Ribbon T9
High Performance Wax Base Ribbon 1006A
General Wax Base Ribbon 1006B
General Resin Base Ribbon R20
Fax Ribbon
Hot Stamping Foil
Inkstar produces all types of fax ribbon with outstanding quality.
Performance of ribbon
Nature Wax
Total Thickness 10-11m
Thickness of polyester Film 4.5m
Color of Ink BLACK
Melting Point 64-66
Optical Density ABOVE 1.4 (Macbeth Densitometer)
Anti-Static () 1.00E+14
Total Number of Coated Ink(g/m2) 6.30.3

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*Work for:all types of fax machine.
*Using Environment: 535/2080RH
*Storage Temperature: 040/2080RH
*Transport Temperature: 040/2080RH

We could provide jumbo roll of this kind of products.
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